Furnas valley

Furnas, one of the Azores Archipelago highlights, is situated on São Miguel Island. 
This locality charms with the beautiful Furnas Lake, the Furnas Volcano and its cauldrons from where come boiling water geysers or therapeutically mud’s, a Thermal resort or even the interesting Terra Nostra Park, one of the most beautiful gardens of the 18th century. 
The paradisiacal Furnas Valley has more than twenty natural spring waters and is crossed by two streamlets, one of them with hot waters. 

The Furnas Lake presents great beauty landscapes filled with peace of mind. It is on the lake margins that one of the most famous delicacy in all the Archipelago: the “Cozido das Furnas” (a meat or cod fish stew). The pans with the steam, after being carefully closed, are introduced in the volcanic soil that presents high temperatures, staying underneath for some hours in these “natural kitchens”. 
Next to the Lake is also situated the Nossa Senhora das Vitórias Chapel, that delights those who contemplate it. 

The “fumarolas” (fumaroles) are areas of concentration of the thermal springs and other geothermic manifestations, that produce therapeutic elements and form a lovely panorama, of rare beauty, that can be observed from the Pico do Ferro and Salto do Cavalo Viewpoints. 

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